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Welcome to the Romance Genre Specialist

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I'm Emily Keyes, an editor, ghostwriter, book marketer, and proud romance genre evangelist. 


I started the Romance Genre Specialist because I have one goal: to help authors like you get great romance novels out into the world.

To do that, I'm demystifying the romance publishing process, because I don't want it to be tear-your-hair-out hard. I want it to be fun and easy-breezy, so much that you can't wait to do it all again for Book 2.

Think of the Romance Genre Specialist as your one-stop shop, where I can:

-turn your story idea into a solid foundation for your novel

-transform that plot into a writer's block-busting outline 

-edit your book to get it ready for readers 

I also offer:

-book coaching to guide you through writing hiccups and difficult scenes and chapters

-blurbs to sell your story and attract readers who will eat it up with a spoon

-passive book marketing sessions to check that your book's title, tagline, categories, and keywords make sense for your story and its audience

-a blog full of deep-dives into the genre's hottest tropes so you know exactly how to use them in your novel

Ready to start your romance publishing journey? 

Set up a FREE 30-minute brainstorming session to talk about your romance novel idea!

My Background

I've worked in the romance industry for nearly 7 years as an editor and ghostwriter. In that time, I've edited over 80 romance novels, plotted more than 30, ghostwritten 60+ for USA Today and Amazon Top 100 bestselling authors, and created 100+ blurbs, taglines, titles, and keywords for new romance authors just like you. 


Though most of my clients come to me through this website, I also work with new romance and cozy mystery publishing clients on Upwork to set up their businesses—everything from calculating a budget to hiring ghostwriters, finding editors, selecting cover designers, plotting lead magnets, and planning newsletter content. If you want to check out my work there, just follow this link.

I keep a close eye on the market, track reader expectations and trends like most people track their daily step count, and read as many new romance novel releases as I can cram into my Kindle, all so I'm up to date on what is, unequivocally, the best fiction genre out there, and how you, dear romance author, can carve out your own little corner of it. 

Ready to work together?

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