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About Me

I vividly remember the first romance novel I ever read. It was December 2014 in my senior year of university and I needed a distraction from the stress of finals. I spotted Syrie James' Nocturne at my local library and picked it up, loving the cover and the blurb, which made me think of Twilight (my favourite book in high school). I devoured the book and looked up the author, which led me to research romance, and the rest, as the cliché goes, is history. I spent the rest of my undergraduate degree reading every romance novel I could find in my local libraries and bookshops. 

After graduating, I moved to the UK in autumn 2015 to pursue a Master of Arts in Medieval Studies at the University of Leeds. I also took an internship indexing catalog entries for the International Medieval Bibliography. This experience honed my attention to detail and ability to follow strict style guides, two skills essential for writing the dissertation I finished in summer 2016 that would also come in handy when I started freelance editing a year later.


In autumn 2016, I started a Master of Science in Digital Library Management from the University of Sheffield, a degree whose courses deepened my understanding of modern fiction and publishing, and further developed research skills I now use to write historical romances. While writing my dissertation, I began freelancing for Pearson India's education department, creating learning materials related to Year 4 and 5 English literature textbooks. 

After graduating from Sheffield in autumn 2017, I accepted a pro-bono position as Associate Editor for the poetry and literary fiction publisher BrickHouse Books in Baltimore, Maryland, where I evaluated manuscript submissions and performed proofreads of upcoming releases. I also began freelance editing romance novels for indie authors and became a Blogging Intern for the cozy mystery publisher Cozy Cat books. 

In Winter 2018, I took what I'd learned about line editing, proofreading, and manuscript evaluation and used it to get a job as an Editorial Assistant for Columba Books, a role that taught me the intricacies of author management, book marketing, typesetting, and developmental editing. While in Dublin, I continued to freelance edit romance novels and blog for Cozy Cat, and also took a position as Staff Writer for, for whom I wrote articles about sex and dating. Those articles destroyed hangups related to writing about pleasure and made me realize that intimacy is radical and comes in so many forms, all of which I explore in the steamy stories I ghostwrite. 


In Autumn 2018 I left my job in Dublin to freelance edit and write full-time. This is also when I ghostwrote my first romance, a 50k contemporary friends-to-lovers novel. I was hooked after that, and haven't stopped ghostwriting since. I now split my time between ghostwriting and editing romance, and can honestly say I love my job. That it allows me to find agency and independence as a person living with disabilities is a bonus. 

Fun Facts

I love Little Free Libraries. I can't walk past one without peeking in and seeing what's on its shelf. 10 times out of 10, there's at least one romance. 

I once wrote 17,000 words in one day. There was a lot of coffee involved.

I prefer to read seasonally; I can't stand reading books about summer when it's late winter in the UK, and visa versa. 

When not writing, I can usually be found making kombucha, baking bread, or tending to the house plants slowly taking over my flat. 

Work With Me

I'm always looking for new editing and writing opportunities! 

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