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Developmental Editing

What is it?

Developmental editing looks at the plot, characters, world-building, style, and pacing of a story. It can be done to fully developed plot outlines, and partial or completed manuscripts.

Why is it necessary?

-To improve the quality of a story and eliminate plot holes, inconsistencies, and other elements that might distract/dissuade readers

-To prepare manuscripts for line editing

Who is it for?

-Authors who struggle with pacing

-Publishers working with authors/ghostwriters new to the romance genre

What's included?

-A tracked changes version of the document commenting on and suggesting fixes for issues with the story arc, character development, romance development, pacing, repetition, as well as style, show/tell, and world-building. I will also comment on the book's overall strengths and weaknesses and how to eliminate the latter.

-A review of the document once the writer has made the suggested changes and rewrites, to assess if the book is ready for line editing.




I'm currently booking for February 2023. Email me ( for estimated turnaround times. 

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