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Developmental Editing

Developmental editing works at the story level to improve a book's


-character development


-romance arc 


-use of tropes and character archetypes

-adherence to reader and genre expectations

It's key to spotting big-picture issues that could affect your book's reading experience. 

I can perform developmental edits on plot outlines or manuscripts, as long as they're complete.


When I do a developmental edit, I don't just comment on things to fix—I give you guidance on how to fix them and show you how those tweaks will help the story. So, if the romance arc in your book is missing a few beats, I won't just point out which beats are missing; I'll explain how each beat contributes to the romance arc, and I'll suggest ways you can insert those beats into existing scenes. Or, if it makes more sense for your story, I'll come up with ideas for new scenes that incorporate those beats. I'm with you every step of the way; this isn't the kind of edit where I tell you what to change, expect you to do those changes on your own, review them, and send you on your way. It's a collaborative process. 

I usually do developmental edits using Tracked Changes in MS Word, but if you have accessibility needs that require a different method, let me know when you contact me so we can work out how to make the developmental editing process work for you

Price: $80/£65 per hour; $0.04/£0.035 per word

"I love working with Emily! She's a speedy and excellent editor. She cares about the books that she edits and works with me to make sure I'm delivering the best books possible. She also understands reader expectations, which is a must for this genre."

Haley Weir, Indie Romance Author

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