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Editing Diagnosis

What is it?

A manuscript diagnosis is a less extensive version of a developmental edit that looks at partial or completed manuscripts and gives feedback on what kinds of edits/changes/rewrites are necessary to get the book ready for publishing/querying.


Why is it necessary?

To iron out unresolved issues prior to line editing or querying.

Who is it for?

-Publishers who need assistance evaluating manuscript submissions

-Publishers and authors interested in hiring a freelance editor but  unsure what kind of editing (developmental editing, line editing or proofreading) their manuscript/s need/s

-Authors interested in querying to publishing houses, many of which require manuscript diagnoses with their query submissions

What's included?

A letter commenting on a manuscript's:

-story arc

-character development



-use of romance tropes



-writing style

The letter will include examples, from the manuscript, of issues related to the above elements, and will identify what type of editing and how many rounds the manuscript needs to prepare it for publishing.




Should you decide to hire me for the edits I determine your book needs, I'll give you a 15% discount on the developmental editing/line editing/proofreading rate. 


I'm currently booking for February 2023. Email me ( for estimated turnaround times. 

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