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Writing Samples

Contemporary Erotic Romance Writing Sample

Historical WWII Romance Suspense Writing Sample

Medieval Historical Romance Writing Sample

Contemporary Paranormal Shifter Romance Writing Sample

Preferred Sub-genres

I specialize in outlining the following: 

-17th and 18th-century Scottish historical
-10th-15th-century Scandinavian and British historical
-English Regency historical
-Contemporary paranormal shifter
-Contemporary small town
-Low fantasy/sci-fi

-Romantic suspense


I work with all levels of steam, from closed-door to erotic. 

A green typewriter set on a bleached wood table. A woman wearing a long-sleeved blouse patterend with white and blue roses rests her hands on the typewriter. Beside her left hand is a cup of tea with dried dates floating in it.

PLEASE NOTE: I don't outline dark, mafia, taboo, or bully romance novels, and I don't outline romances that contain enslavement, abuse, kidnapping, dubious consent, or non-consent. 

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