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Writing Samples

Contemporary Erotic Romance Novel Writing Sample

Contemporary Paranormal Shifter Romance Novel Writing Sample

Contemporary Second Chance Romance Novel Blurb Writing Sample

Historical WWII Spy Romance Novel Writing Sample

Writing Style

Though I love exploring new romance sub-genres, I specialize in writing the following: 

-17th and 18th-century Scottish historical*
-10th-15th-century Medieval Scandinavian and British historical*
-English Regency historical*
-Contemporary paranormal shifter
-Contemporary erotic
-Low fantasy/sci-fi


I prefer to write steamy romances, but I also have experience with romances where sex is behind closed doors (aka "clean" romances).

* I write historically accurate romance novels and research everything from food and drink to clothing and population statistics. This means that my historical romances are diverse, because Europe has been a place of gender, sexual, racial, ability, and ethnic diversity for millennia. 

PLEASE NOTE: I don't write dark, mafia, or bully romance novels, and I don't write romances that contain dubious consent or non-consent. 

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