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Plot Outline

Developmental Editing

Book Blurb, Title, and Tagline

Manuscript Evaluation

Line Editing

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Helping you navigate the world of romance publishing and establish your author brand!

Meetings available every Thursday and Friday 9:00-17:00 GMT

A woman's right hand resting on the keyboard of a laptop placed on a white desk. Beside her hand is a phone with an orange case, a small lined notebook, and a dayplanner.



A wooden desk perpendicular to a large window through which trees are visible. On the desk are two large plants, a laptop, a notepad, and two stacks of books.

Opening Pages Feedback

I will review the first 50 pages of your manuscript (Times New Roman font, 12pt) and provide line and developmental edits, along with a detailed editorial feedback letter.

A white desk set in front of a window covered by white blinds. On the desk is a laptop, closed notebook, cup, and vase filled with plant stems.

Manuscript Development

I will review your manuscript and perform a structural and line edit, along with a detailed manuscript evaluation letter and a strategy for next steps to take your book from draft to published.


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