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Manuscript Writing

What is it?

A completed romance novel between 10,000 and 80,000 words using themes, tropes and/or characters dictated by you or recommended by me. The novel can be a standalone or the first in a series. 

Why is it necessary?

Successful romance novels are those written by people (like me) who understand the genre and its readership. 

Who is it for? 

-Indie authors who want to grow their catalog and increase readership.

-Publishing companies that want to expand their romance offerings without having to sift through submissions or worry about royalty payments.

What's included?

-A complete manuscript of an original romance novel, submitted in MS Word, with a hyperlinked table of contents.

-An NDA that states I am signing away my rights to the title, interest, and profits to the publisher/author. 




-KDP Formatting, $30

-1 round of revision, $100


I'm currently booking for February 2023. Email me ( for estimated turnaround times. 


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