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How to Write a Romance Novel Guide

Want to write a romance novel, but not sure where to start? There are a million guides out there, but the problem is, none of them are tailored to you—your specific story idea, accessibility needs, and vision. But this one is. This guide will teach you everything you need to know to write your romance novel.

What's included:


A 60-minute meeting to assess your understanding of character development, plotting, writing, and marketing. I'll use this information to create your 20-page, 10,000-word guide that teaches you:   

  • What a romance arc, sub-plot arc, and character development arc is, and how to weave them together to create layered stories that will hook readers on page one and keep them hungry for that happily ever after

  • How to select a word count that works for you, your readers, and your sub-genre

  • How to choose tropes and use them to their fullest extent

  • How to create detailed character backgrounds that instill the characters' voices in your head so every chapter from their POV and every line of their dialogue represents who they are, what they want, and how those change throughout the story

  • How to plot the book itself, giving you the details of the many different methods available and how to make them work for your creative process

  • How to turn a standalone into a series, because that's the best way to attract readers

  • How to write with your ideal readers in mind

Price: $350/£275

Available in the Following Sub-Genres:

-Contemporary Romance

-Historical Romance
-Western Romance

-Sci-Fi Romance

-Fantasy Romance

-Paranormal Romance

-Gothic Romance

-Medical Romance

-Sports Romance

-Romantic Suspense

-Romantic Cozy Mystery

-Romantic Urban Fantasy

-Romantic Cozy Fantasy

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