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Plot Outline

Are you a student of publishing passive income programs like Fiction Profits Academy and Audiobook Income Academy?


Looking to build up your catalog quickly, but not sure what will actually sell?


My plot outlines are here to help.


Written with a development editor's eye for structure and a publishing consultant's understanding of trends and your unique author brand, my plot outlines come with everything your romance ghostwriters need to craft devourable romance novels your readers will love. Each outline includes:

-Character development summaries complete with detailed backgrounds, emotional wounds, goals, and motivations for each character, as well as a description of how each character changes throughout the story (this is called their character development arc)

-Trope summaries that show your ghostwriters how to weave each trope into the story to satisfy readers 

-Setting descriptions to help your ghostwriters visualize each scene

-Chapter summaries complete with a description of each chapter's purpose as it relates to the romance, sub-plot, or character development arcs, as well as a summary of each chapter's scenes

-Comparable novels and useful resources your ghostwriters can use for inspiration and a deeper understanding of the story, its characters, and its tropes

-Research related to the plot and characters to help your ghostwriters understand characterization and avoid plot holes related to inaccuracy and inconsistency

If you want high-quality books to expand your catalogue 

Price: $0.07/£0.065 per word

10% discount if you order plot outlines for a 3-book series

15% discount if you order plot outlines for a 5-book series



Wondering why the plot outline for a publisher is more expensive than the plot outline for an author? It's because plotting for publishers requires more pre-plotting meetings to discuss your ghostwriters' level of experience, your company style guide, your goals for the series, and any trends within your catalog or the larger market you want me to incorporate. 

Available for Publishers of:

-Contemporary Romance

-Historical Romance
-Western Romance

-Sci-Fi Romance

-Fantasy Romance

-Paranormal Romance

-Gothic Romance

-Medical Romance

-Sports Romance

-Romantic Suspense

-Romantic Cozy Mystery

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