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Stuck on a story idea, need an editor, or want a book coach?

You've come to the right place! Here, you'll find editing and coaching help from an experienced romance editor AND writer. That's right; having been on both sides of the manuscript, I understand the fear you feel staring at the cursor on a blank page, the frustration of getting to midway through your story and having no idea where your characters should go next, the anxiety of getting your first round of edits back and seeing all that red text. 

I know what it's like, and I'm here to make every step of the romance novel writing process easier—from plotting to writing to editing!​

How to Write A Romance Novel Guide

Perfect for first-time romance authors. I tailor my advice-packed How-To guides to each client, so you don't just learn how to write a romance novel—you learn how to write your romance novel, the one you've always dreamed of getting out into the world. 

Manuscript Evaluation

Perfect for romance authors who aren't sure what type of editing their book needs. A manuscript evaluation looks at your book's strengths and weaknesses and gives advice on next steps to get you from draft to published.

Romance Novel Plot Outline

Perfect for romance authors who love to write but struggle to plot. My outlines are designed to help you stay on track with your publishing goals. With them, you won't just meet your deadlines. You'll also avoid the dreaded writer's block!

 Developmental Editing

Perfect for romance authors with a finished plot outline or manuscript. Developmental edits solve big-picture issues and balance a book's structure and narrative. Combine with a line edit to prep your book to publish!

Line Editing

Perfect for romance authors with a completed manuscript. Line edits focus on the style, clarity, flow, and consistency of a manuscript. They're key to giving your readers a great reading experience and fine-tuning your writing skills. 

1:1 Book Coaching

Perfect for romance authors stuck on a particular scene or chapter or hit a wall with their latest manuscript or series. A book coaching session will help you figure out a way forward and get you back to the keyboard. 

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