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5 Sci-Fi Romance Book Writing Prompts

I love sci-fi romance, but if you browse the most popular books in the sub-genre, chances are you'll see a whole lot of aliens.

But sci-fi romance is so much more than just aliens! And space isn't even a requirement!

Don't get me wrong, I love romances set amongst the stars, but there's plenty of sci-fi inspiration right here on Planet Earth, which is why I've included two prompts that don't take place in space. I want to show you the breadth of possibilities in this cool sub-genre. Any contemporary romance storyline can work in sci-fi, and you can even do a mash-up of genres, blending historical romance and sci-fi romance, romantic suspense and sci-fi romance, horror romance and sci-fi romance—you get the picture.

That said, if you want to write about dominant alpha males with interesting genitalia and a ride-or-die mentality about their love interests, I am not stopping you (and yes, that was a nod to Ruby Dixon, the Queen of Alien Romance).

  1. Trope: Fated mates Setting: Far-off prison planet Main character 1: Princess Main character 2: Prison guard Prompt: Write the scene, from MC2's point of view, when he first meets the heroine and feels their fated love.

  2. Trope: Forced proximity Setting: Depressurization chamber of a spaceship transporting a foreign dignitary from one solar system to another Main character 1: Military pilot Main character 2: Dignitary's bodyguard Prompt: Write the scene when the characters are coming down from the adrenaline rush of fending off war drones sent to kill the dignitary, and finally act on their feelings.

  3. Trope: Arranged marriage Setting: Desert planet Main character 1: Alien king Main character 2: Human bride Prompt: Write the scene when MC1 pleasures MC2 instead of just doing expected, perfunctory consummation on their wedding night.

  4. Trope: Opposites attract Setting: Dystopian Seattle Main character 1: Cyborg detective Main character 2: Doctor Prompt: Write the scene when MC1 realizes they need MC2 to solve the mystery of what surgeon is inserting explosive mechanical parts into cyborgs in the city, and asks MC2 for their help.

  5. Trope: Fake relationship Setting: Renaissance England Main character 1: Theoretical physics professor Main character 2: Theoretical physics PhD student Prompt: MC1 and MC2 have been thrust back in time thanks to a black hole simulator MC2 created as part of her research. The machine sucks them in the day after MC1 broke off their relationship for fear of jeopardizing their academic reputations. The black hole sends them back to England in 1535. Write the scene when they have to pretend to be a couple at a dinner hosted by Henry VIII.

If one of these prompts really excites you, figure out what you liked about it. Was it the trope, the setting, the adventurous sub-plot? Use that knowledge to help you plot your own sci-fi romance, alien optional.

Until next post, happy reading and writing!


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