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Are you a new romance author?

Struggling to plot, write, or market your romance novel? 

It's tough, right? There's so much to learn! 

But it doesn't have to be.

All you need is a guide.

Someone who knows the industry and how it works.

Someone who can show you what to do and talk you through every step of the romance publishing process.

And someone who doesn't charge an arm and a leg to do it.

All you need is me, Emily Keyes, the Romance Genre Specialist.

How I Can Help

Have a book idea and want to talk about where to go from there? Book a FREE 30-minute consultation where we can workshop your idea, answer any questions you have, and get you heading in the best direction to hit your romance writing goals.

Want a guide through the writing process? My plot outlines will show you how to approach every scene in your romance novel, solving the issue of "what to write next," eliminating writer's block, and getting you from meet-cute to happily ever after quicker and without all the hair-pulling.

Not sure where your romance novel should start, or where it should go next? Schedule a book coaching session and I'll show you the way forward. 

Finished your romance novel, but not sure what type of editing it needs? Or want to see if we'd work well together as author and editor? Book an affordable test edit to diagnose your manuscript's needs and learn about my approach.

Know you want a developmental edit, but it's outside your book budget? A manuscript evaluation will review your romance novel for issues that could affect sales and reviews and show you exactly how to fix them. 

Have a feeling there's something not quite right with your plot or characters, but you just can't put your finger on what? A developmental edit with me assesses every building block of your romance novel—characters, plot, tropes, and setting—and shows you what to improve and why. 

Don't let errors distract your readers from your romance novel. Book a line edit with me and you'll get a manuscript that's clean, clear, and echoes your unique voice.

Confused by covers, titles, and what the heck a Kindle keyword is? A 1-hour book marketing session with me will answer your questions, arm you with resources, and give you an action plan to attract the right readers to your romance.

Give your book the best chance at market success with a blurb tailored to your romance novel, audience, and author brand. 

Need help, but don't see a service that matches your needs? 

The cover of Christmas Dance by Goldie Walker, a western historical romance Emily edited. Cover shows a blonde woman in a red dress.

Goldie Walker

My experience working with Emily on my historical romance was more than I could have
hoped for in a first-time editing experience. Her communication and adherence to
deadlines was excellent and professional. The feedback I received was actionable and
invaluable. I’m already scheduled to work with her on my next project.

The Witch's Fae by Haley Weir, a paranormal romance Emily edited. Cover shows a blonde witch on a city street.

Haley Weir

I love working with Emily! She's a speedy proofreader and line editor. She cares about the books that she edits and works with me to make sure I'm delivering the best books possible. She also understands reader expectations, which is a must for this genre.

Client Testimonials

Ready to make your romance publishing dreams come true?

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