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The world needs more happily ever afters. Including yours! 

Are you a romance author looking for an experienced developmental editor to strengthen your story and solve big-picture issues?

Check out my Author Services.

Are you a romance publisher looking for fresh stories and marketing advice to boost your catalog and increase sales? 

Check out my Publisher Services.

Hi, I'm Emily Keyes, a romance genre publishing professional. I've worked in romance ghostwriting, editing, and book marketing for 6 years. I've ghostwritten 67 romance novels, edited over 60, and developed marketing strategies for top romance novels in almost every sub-genre. I am, to put it simply, a total romance nerd (and proud of it!). I'm also a member of the Romantic Novelists Association and the Association of Ghostwriters and love networking with fellow romance writing enthusiasts. 

We'll work well together if...

-You believe that good work takes time. I don't do rush work and can't agree to tight deadlines of less than two weeks. Because I'm a disabled person living with chronic illness, I always include time cushions in my deadlines to make sure I can deliver quality work regardless of any flares that might come up. 

-You believe that the romance genre should be inclusive. It really matters to me that I work with clients who value inclusivity and want to make the romance genre a more welcoming place for its readers.

-Your books are free of non-consent, dubious consent, violence against women or children, kidnapping of women or children, choking, incest, pseudo-incest, age gaps of more than 10 years, bullying, BDSM, manipulation, sexual aggression, or sexual harassment. I do not work with books that have any of the above content; I also do not work with books in the mafia, dark romance, or monster romance subgenres.  

-You like puns. I've tried to break the habit, but bookish puns seem to make their way into my emails no matter what!

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