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Here for the happily ever after

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a story?
I can help.



Thanks for popping by my corner of the internet. 


I'm a Romance Novel Editor who lives and breathes the genre. I've edited over 60 books in the paranormal, historical, contemporary, and fantasy sub-genres for indie authors and small presses. I specialize in developmental editing and manuscript evaluations.


I'm also a Romance Novel Ghostwriter and Romance Plot Outline Developer who has ghostwritten 66 romance novels and twice as many plot outlines in nearly every sub-genre under the sun. 

Interested in hiring me to edit or write for you? 

A photograph of Emily Keyes, the Romance Genre Specialist. Emily has long strawberry blonde hair and wears bronze-colored eyeglashes. In the photo, she's standing against a brick wall, wearing a coral collared shirt, and smiling.

Client Testimonials

"I would highly recommend Emily for any contractual writing work. She was prompt, and communicated her availability without fail. When supplied with a detailed plot outline, she stuck to it to the letter and also went above and beyond with any research that needed to be added."

Charmaine A., Indie Romance Author

"I love working with Emily! She's a speedy and excellent line editor. She cares about the books that she edits and works with me to make sure I'm delivering the best books possible. She also understands reader expectations, which is a must for this genre."

Haley Weir, Indie Romance Author

"Emily is literally a gem in the sea of so many general editors. She really does go above and beyond! She even brings things to your attention that you didn't know would be important until she brought it up. She really takes the time to make sure that the project is a success! Love working with her!"

Tina L., Indie Romance Publisher

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