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Are you an aspiring romance author?

Working on your first novel? 

Looking for someone to teach you how to write and release books readers will love?

Your search is over.

No need to spend hours searching the internet for advice.

You can get it all here, from me, Emily Keyes, the Romance Genre Specialist.

I work with all sub-genres except dark and mafia, every level of steam (including erotic romance), and all tropes except dubious and non-consent.

How I Can Help

Have an idea for a romance novel and want to talk about where to go next? Book a FREE 30-minute consultation where we can workshop your idea, answer any questions you have, and get you heading in the best direction to hit your romance writing goals.

Make plotting your romance a breeze with a plot outline that shows you how to approach every scene in your romance novel, solving the issue of "what to write next," eliminating writer's block, and getting you from meet-cute to happily ever after quicker than you could have dreamed.

Want guidance on how to start your romance novel, or where it should go next? Schedule a book coaching session so I can show you the way forward. 

Finished your romance novel, but not sure what type of editing it needs? Or want to see if we'd work well together as author and editor? Book an affordable test edit to diagnose your manuscript's needs and learn how I approach developmental and line edits.

Your book deserves a developmental edit to make your characters and story shine, but if it's outside your publishing budget, don't worry. A manuscript evaluation will review your romance novel for the big-picture issues that could affect sales and reviews, identify them, and show you exactly how to fix them. 

Want to make sure your story hits all the right notes for your readers? Book a developmental edit where I'll assess the building blocks of your romance novel—characters, tropes, sub-genre, plot, and setting—and show you how to strengthen them for an even better story. 

Your voice and style are what set your book apart from all the others. Book a line edit with me and we'll define that voice, amplify that style, and smooth out any hiccups in your book so when readers pick it up, they can't put it back down. 

Confused by covers, titles, and what the heck a Kindle keyword is? All these are key to passive book marketing, and in a 1-hour book marketing session, I'll show you how to use them to get your book in front of the right readers when they're searching for fresh reads on Amazon. 

Blurbs sell books. It's as simple as that, but writing them? Not so simple. This is why I offer a blurb writing service that will give you a blurb to attract the right readers and tell them exactly why they'll love your book.  

Need help, but don't see a service that matches your needs? 

Tell me where you are in your process, what you want help with, and I'll create a bespoke service that works for you (and your budget!).

Client Testimonials

Ready to make your romance publishing dreams come true?

Thanks for submitting!

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