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Romance Book Coaching

Book coaching is there to help you through tough writing days: when you can't figure out your meet cute, your characters won't talk, plot holes appear out of nowhere, or you can't decide just how steamy to make your sex scene.

How does it work? You send me the bit of your manuscript you're struggling with, I read it, and we have a Zoom/Teams/GoogleMeet call where I show you how to write your way out of trouble.


And if you're not a fan of video calls? I can submit a recording of my coaching instead, so you can listen and learn at your leisure. 


What if recordings don't work for you, either? I also offer email coaching. 

No matter the format, each session comes with a complimentary review of your rewrites so I can make sure you're back on track to hit your romance writing goals.​

And my help doesn't stop there. After our coaching and the complimentary review, you can email me for help with one more tricky spot and I'll write detailed editorial guidance in your manuscript to guide you out of the rubble—free of charge. 


$70/£56 per 60-minute session​/recording; 1 week of email coaching

$250/£200 for a block of 4 x 60-minute sessions/recordings; 1 week of email coaching


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