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Romance Book Blurb

Did you know most readers only spend 5 seconds deciding whether to buy your book?

That means your book's blurb needs to clearly and concisely tell that reader exactly what they can expect from your romance novel. 

They need to know the characters, their conflicts, the tropes, and, if you're writing paranormal or fantasy, they want to see a hint of the world you've spent so long creating. 

But how do you jam all that in one measly 250-word box?

You hire me to do it. 

I've written over 100 book blurbs for indie romance publishers and authors. I study blurb trends in different sub-genres and niches so I know what POV to write in, where spaces should go, which phrases signal which tropes, and whether the blurb needs to include a tagline or concluding sentence summarizing your book's word count, niche, and triggers. 

And if you need help with your title? I can throw in some suggestions for that too, free of charge. 





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