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Romance Manuscript Evaluation

Manuscript evaluations are great if you:

-want to submit your romance novel to traditional publishers, or

-are self-publishing your romance novel and can't afford a full developmental edit, but still want an expert pair of eyes to assess your manuscript's strengths and weaknesses and tell you how to fix them

Manuscript evaluations highlight the make-or-break issues in your romance novel.


And when I evaluate a manuscript, I don't just identify the issues; I tell you why they're a red flag—for publishing house editors and for readers—and how to fix them. 


When I've finished the evaluation, you won't just have an action plan to improve your manuscript; you'll also have a deeper understanding of romance story structure, and what publishing house editors and/or readers want when they pick up your book. 

How do I know how to do this? Because I do manuscript evaluations for publishing houses, including Greenleaf Book Group!


The types of issues I'll point out have to do with things like:

  • chronology

  • narrative arc

  • narrative unity

  • character development

  • dialogue

  • chapter transitions


Think of a manuscript evaluation a bit like an MOT or emissions test. I'm checking whether it's "safe" to submit or release, or if it needs a few tune-ups first. 


10,000-50,000 word manuscripts: $350/£275

51,000-100,000-word manuscripts: $400/£350

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