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Romance Line Editing

Want to give your readers a romance novel that isn't just free of spelling and grammar mistakes, but also represents your unique voice? 

That's what a line edit can do.

Line editing goes line by line to look at a book's:
-dialogue formatting
-narrative unity
-chapter openers and closers


All of these elements affect the way a reader interacts with your romance novel and its characters. 

My line edit will refine your wording, remove pesky errors, and improve your writing, making you a better author and giving you the confidence you need to market yourself to readers.


I don't just tell you what's wrong with your book and send you off to fix it. I lift you up, applaud everything you're doing well, and show you what you could be doing better, and how. 


$0.01/£0.008 per word for lead magnets*

$0.02/£0.015 per word for all other books

**Wondering why my rates for lead magnets are less expensive? They don't make authors and publishers like you money . . . at least, not directly. Instead, lead magnets help you grow your readership and mailing lists, leading to more eventual sales. But lead magnets still need well-written stories—they're often a reader's first impression of your books!—so my lower rate helps authors and publishers like you afford to put your best foot forward, on a budget.


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