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Line Editing

What is it?

Line editing looks at style, word choice, character arcs, plot development, and adherence to romance tropes and reader expectations. It identifies ways authors can finesse their writing and pacing to create more readable—and profitable—books. 

Why is it necessary?

-It helps books reach their full potential

-It strengthens prose

-It removes inconsistencies and confusing phrases

-It identifies plot holes and flat-lined character arcs and suggests fixes for them

-It ensures the mood and tone of the writing match the emotion of each scene

-It assesses whether a book successfully integrates a specific romance trope or trend


Who is it for?

Everyone who wants to publish a romance novel. If you're not having your manuscript undergo a developmental edit or editing diagnosis, then copyediting is the first step after finishing the rough draft. 

What is included in 1 round of line editing?

-One version of the manuscript with tracked changes so clients can see what mistakes I've identified and what changes/revisions I've suggested.

-A review of the manuscript once the client has made the suggested changes and rewrites, to assess if the manuscript is ready for proofreading. 

-1 style sheet that tracks style, word, and punctuation choices (this is great for indie publishers who hire multiple ghostwriters to complete one series, since readers notice when style, word choice, and punctuation aren't consistent).




Line editing+proofreading=$0.015/word


I'm currently booking for February 2023. Email me ( for estimated turnaround times. 

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