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Romance Novel Plot Outline

Do you love writing romance novels, but can't stand plotting them?



Have you written a few romance novels but struggled with the mid-book slump, when you lose the plot and your characters go quiet? 


Never fear, my plot outlines are here! 

You give me the concept, character archetypes, tropes, and sub-genre, and I'll create a detailed plot outline that includes:

  • main character backgrounds, emotional wounds, goals, motivations, conflicts, personalities, and character development arcs so you understand who your characters are at the beginning of the book, who they've become at the end, and how the story has changed them

  • side character summaries with explanations of how they contribute to the story and how to develop them enough that readers are rooting for them to get their own books, which will make selling your series so much easier! 

  • an overview of the series arc, if applicable

  • an explanation of the book's structure, which I break down into chapters and scenes that I summarize so you know exactly what to write

You don't have to spend months researching your next book, not when my plot outlines can be ready in as little as 3 weeks.

And if your motto is "the more detail, the better" I also offer a "deep plot" version of the outline that includes:

  • an explanation of how each trope should be incorporated to increase the book's complexity, attract readers, and drive conflict

  • setting descriptions, complete with sensory details, to help you visualize each scene as you write and ground readers in the story

  • an explanation of how each chapter contributes to the romance and/or character development arc, so you don't just know "what" you're writing, but "why"

  • descriptions of time period-specific details to include in each scene, if you're writing historical romance 

  • an in-depth summary of the dialogue and emotional cues in each scene

  • a 250-word blurb you can use to advertise the book

  • 3 book title (and series title, if applicable) options

  • 3 tagline options

  • Kindle keywords and categories to boost your book's rank in search results

I create outlines in MS Word, but if you have accessibility needs that require a different method, let me know when you contact me so we can work out how to make the plot outline process work for you. 

Price: $0.06/£0.045



Available for Authors of:

-Contemporary Romance

-Historical Romance
-Western Romance

-Sci-Fi Romance

-Fantasy Romance

-Paranormal Romance

-Gothic Romance

-Medical Romance

-Sports Romance

-Romantic Suspense

-Romantic Cozy Mystery
-Romantic Cozy Fantasy

-Paranormal Women's Fiction

-Contemporary Women's Fiction

-Urban Fantasy

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