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Plot Outline

Are you new to plotting romance? Figuring out the best way to plot your stories can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially when what you really want is to just start writing. 

The outlines I create take the guesswork out of the plotting process. They'll help you understand your characters so you know how to write authentically in their voice and from their point of view. They'll show you how to use tropes to create internal conflict that amplifies tension and makes the happily ever after feel truly hard-won to your readers. And they'll demonstrate how to approach each pivotal romance beat and explain how it affects your characters. 

My plot outlines take care of "what" to write, so you can focus on "how," developing a unique style authentic to your vision. 



Contemporary Romance
Historical Romance
Paranormal Romance


$0.06/£0.55 per word
$0.07/£0.65 per word

$0.07/£0.65 per word

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