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Romance Plot Outline

Plotting is one of the hardest parts of the romance writing process, and it's why I create custom outlines for new romance authors like you.

I tailor my outlines to each client's story idea and author brand (the type of romance you want to publish).


You give me whatever information you have about the story—whether that's tropes, a setting, some details about your characters, or even just a sub-genre, like contemporary romance—and I'll create an outline that shows you exactly how to write each chapter of your romance novel, from meet-cute to happily ever after.  

My plot outlines take care of "what" to write, so you can focus on the "how". Think of it like songwriting. I give you the lyrics, but you're the one adding the artistry and belting out the #1 singles. 



$0.05/£0.04 per word

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